Bareminerals BOUNCE & BLUR Eyeshadow Palette Review

Sitting at home during the quarantine, I find myself focusing more on skin care, than makeup. Somehow, I miss my daily routine of getting ready for work in the morning. I would use certain products for a few days, then shop my stash and find different palettes, shades etc and use them for a few days. I loved to switch up  my routine every few days. Today was the last day of my kids' school and we went to school to wave goodbye to all the staff, teachers, school nurse, paraprofessionals. I leaped at this opportunity and decided to wear some make up on our trip outdoors. Here is my review of the Bareminerals BOUNCE & BLUR Eyeshadow Palette.

Sephora website says it is a fingertip-friendly, bouncy, powder eyeshadow that builds and blends effortlessly for sheer-to-bold color that’s beautifully-blurred. This weightless, cream-powder eyeshadow resists creasing and fallout, and blends like a dream—no brush needed. Each five-pan palette is inspired by the natural beauty of the sunlit sky, in a range of finishes from satin to shimmer.  The Dusk palette features warm, sunset tones. 

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The packaging is very sleek. It is made out of some velvety rubberised material. The eyeshadows are encased in a full black container with white letters that spell out the brand name. The Bareminerals BOUNCE & BLUR Dusk Eyeshadow Palette has a decent sized mirror. Also at the backside of the Dusk eyeshadow palette is a sticker with the shade names.


The eyeshadows are smooth to the touch. Some shades are more soft, velvety than others. The colors are not too intense but can be built up. I always use an eyeshadow  primer under my eye makeup, because I have oily eyelids and the primer helps, my makeup last longer. This palette is perfect for people who prefer a more natural look. I did not use my fingers to apply these shadows as I prefer to use a brush to apply my eyeshadows. Bareminerals BOUNCE & BLUR Dusk Eyeshadow Palette is advertised as a fingertip friendly palette, however I feel a brush might be required to apply darker colors precisely.

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The bareminerals Bounce & Blur eyeshadow palettes each have 5 shades. The two palettes are the Dawn and Dusk palettes. I have the Dusk palette up for review today. The five shades in the Dusk palette are:

Evening Star (creamy beige satin), 

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Harvest Moon (burnt amber metallic), 

Crimson Sunset (deep crimson satin), 

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Sepia Sky (darkened sepia satin), 

Purple Twilight (rich plum satin)

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Shades of the Dusk Eyeshadow Palette

Evening Star is a beautiful cream shade with shimmers. I use it to highlight the inner corner of my eye. Moreover, it can also be used as a brow bone highlight.

Harvest Moon is a really pretty golden brownish shade. I love these kinds of shades. I love how these brownish golden shades look on my medium NC37-Chanel Beige 40 skin tone.

Crimson Sunset is a pretty purplish plumish shade, which is why I was drawn to this palette in the first place. It is not too pigmented, but pigmented enough, if that makes sense. That way I can build it up gradually. I am scared to use dark shades, shades that are out of my comfort zone. Sometimes eyeshadows are intense( that is a good thing too), but sometimes I love that I do not have to start over if I make a mistake, because the colors are buildable and forgiving.

I do not use this shade on my lower lash line , because these kind of plum, purplish shades on my lower lashline make me look as though I have cried for hours.

Sepia Sky is a dark charcoal color. It feels more creamy than the other colors in this palette.

Purple Twilight is very similar to Sepia Sky. It's just a little darker than Sepia Sky. I feel they could have added some other color than having two similar darkened, charcoal shades.

Bounce and Blur Dusk palette

Overall Dusk eyeshadow palette is a good palette to have. I however did not find the eyeshadows bouncy. The colors swatched well, performed well with a brush, but were not bouncy as advertised. 

Bounce and Blur Dusk Eyeshadow palette swatches
  • Nice palette, travel friendly
  • Colors perform well
  • Perfect for someone wanting a natural look
  • Some people might want more intense colors
  • Two very similar shades in the palette
  • I also feel I need more shades, like a matte highlight(for under the brow bone) and a good transition shade to complete this palette
Where to Buy

Ulta– Retails for $29

Sephora– Retails for $29

Nordstrom– Retails for $29

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