Manisha Pradhan

Hello everyone! I’m Manisha, just your regular, everyday beauty and skincare addict, who also loves to cook and try out new recipes. I truly believe one can never have too many brown eyeliners. I do my research, by reading reviews of products before buying beauty and skincare products. Since this research helped me in the past, I thought to myself, why not start blogging about it?

So here I am, a mom of two wonderful kids, a wife to a very supportive husband who cannot tell the difference between coral and red, starting my very own blog. I was motivated to start this blog as a creative outlet to share my love for beauty, skin care and cooking. To me, beauty is a form of self expression and cooking is a universal language that connects bridges between communities.

When I am not blogging, I love to spend time with my husband, kids and our two sweet guinea pigs.