Tom Ford Cream Color For The Eyes

Tom Ford Cream Color For Eyes Review

William Shakespeare said that the “The Eyes are the window to your soul.” We can convey a lot of information just through our eyes, without actually speaking a word. Therefore it makes perfect sense to keep our eyes, the windows to our soul looking sultry and mysterious sometimes, fresh and bright sometimes. Keep changing our look! Tom Ford Cream Color For Eyes will help you achieve your goal. The shades I will review are Platinum, Spice, Pink Haze and Midnight Violet.

According to the Sephora Website Tom Ford Cream Color For Eyes is “ A smooth, luxurious, no-crease, no-smudge cream eyeshadow with lustrous glow. Free of sulfates.

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Tom Ford Cream Color For The Eyes
Tom Ford Cream Color For The Eyes

What Else You Need to Know: This luxurious, cream eyeshadow illuminates eyes in the lustrous glow of ultra-pigmented, metallic shades. The versatile, cool, and creamy formula seamlessly glides onto the lid to brighten eyes without creasing or smudging.

Suggested Usage:
-Apply the Cream Color smoothly on clean eyelids from the lash line, and fade toward the brow by sweeping with brush.”
-Can be applied with fingertip to blend and smooth color.

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All of Tom Ford’s cream color eyeshadows come in a beautiful glass jar with a lid that has the brand’s initials, TF on it in gold lettering. Inside is a round plastic protector that can be removed before application of the eyeshadow.


Tom Ford Cream Color For Eyes is a cream, mousse product. The four shades I am reviewing today have shimmer. They blend beautifully and stay put all day. I always use a primer but on days that I have not, these shadows still are budge proof. All the shades go on smoothly without tugging at my skin. If you have oily eyelids, I suggest you use these eyeshadows over a primer. Love it!

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01 Platinum
08 Spice
09 Pink Haze
07 Midnight Violet

Tom Ford Cream Color For The Eyes
Platinum, Spice, Pink Haze, Midnight Violet Cream Colors

Tom Ford Cream Color For Eyes 01 Platinum
Platinum is a beige tan color that can be intensified to look like a gorgeous taupe shade. It has a smooth shimmer, and is a shade I reach for when I want to look put together and don’t have much time to do so.

Tom Ford Cream Color For Eyes 08 Spice
Spice is the perfect bronze shade with phenomenal payoff. A little goes a long way with this particular shade. It does not look heavy on my eyelids and is very easy to blend. You can wear it by itself, wear it as a base or combine it with other eyeshadow shades. Remember less is more with Spice.

Tom Ford Cream Color For Eyes 09 Pink Haze
Pink Haze is a beautiful peachy pink, rose gold cream shadow with gold shimmer. I feel as though I am repeating myself, but people these shadows are crazy pigmented! There is no dragging, no pulling or tugging of the lid. I just use my fingers to apply this. My favorite way to wear Pink Haze is just by itself, and I line my eyes with brown eyeliner, add mascara and my eye makeup is done.

Tom Ford Cream Color For Eyes 07 Midnight Violet
Midnight Violet is a blackened violet as the name suggests, with shimmer. It is an intense color that can be applied with a lighter hand for a sheer look. I have warm undertones and sometimes find plum, violet shades difficult to carry, but I can blend midnight violet to a sheer, wearable plum that looks good on my skin tone.

Tom Ford Cream Color For The Eyes
Platinum, Spice, Pink Haze, Midnight Violet Cream Color Swatches
  • Pigmented
  • No brush needed
  • Does not irritate my eyes
  • Pricey
  • Oily lids may need to use primer underneath
  • Did I mention the price…
Where to buy

Tom Ford Cream Color For Eyes retail for $46 and can be found at Sephora and Nordstrom. Spice is also a part of Tom Ford cream and Powder eye color duo called Naked Spice, which retails for $65 and can be purchased at Sephora and Nordstrom.

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