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NARS Maui Multiple Review

Did you know that there are pros and cons to multitasking. I am guilty of multitasking throughout the day. To some extent everyone is. I was not aware that multitasking had some major cons. Whenever I hear that a product is a multitasking product, I rarely believe the brand’s claims. So today let’s see if NARS The Multiple Maui lives up to its name.

What Sephora has to say about The NARS Multiple

It is “A multipurpose stick for accentuating the eyes, cheeks, lips, and body. The Multiple is designed to create a perfect, glowing complexion on any skin tone. These versatile sticks also protect skin with antioxidants like vitamin E and acai oil.”

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NARS Maui Multiple
NARS Maiu Multiple

This product is packaged in a black tube with the words NARS embossed on it. The cap is very secure, so it is a good product to take with you on your trips. You have to twist the tube to use the product. The packaging material of the tube tends to attract dirt and fingerprints. Most of my NARS products face this problem. I remedy that by wiping down most of my NARS makeup with a makeup wipe.


NARS Multiple has a powder-to-cream formula. The texture is silky smooth. This product blends well with your fingers or a stippling brush. Even though it dries down to a powder finish, I apply powder to ensure it lasts throughout the day.

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My Experience

NARS Maui Multiple is a beautiful rosy shade. It looks quite dark in the tube. But fear not, it gives you a natural flush of color. It is incredibly easy to apply. Just swipe and blend. You can use your fingers or use a brush to blend it.

However this Multiple creases on my eyes and is also not comfortable on my lips. It dries out my lips and accentuates the dry spots. I only use it as a blush. This is not a product that works on eyes, lips and cheeks for me. Only works as a blush for me. Longevity is about 5-6 hours. If you want it to last longer, set it with a powder.

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NARS Maui Multiple
NARS Maui Multiple swatched once and twice
  • Non shimmery, delicate flush of color
  • Easy to apply and travel with
  • Does not break out my acne-prone skin
  • Only works as a blush
Where to buy

NARS The Multiple retails for $39 and can be purchased at Sephora, Nordstrom and Ulta.

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