Makeup backup

Beauty Backups

Imagine you find the perfect lipstick or blush or a skin care item and then it gets discontinued! That is disappointing…right?

Beauty Backups

This has happened to me a couple of times. And I bet it has happened to countless other beauty lovers all over the world. I have on occasion bought backups of my favorite makeup product and if I remember correctly, one time a body wash.

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I have purchased a backup of my most loved blush which is, NARS Madly, because my current one is getting over. This will not happen any time soon. And there was a rumor that NARS was discontinuing Madly. After not being able to find it on the Nordstrom website, I panicked and immediately placed an order from Sephora. I had my reinforcement! Read my review here.

The next item I got a backup of is a body wash from Bath and Body Works. It has since been discontinued and I can still enjoy it because I have a backup of it. It is the Sandalwood Rose body wash from their Aromatherapy Stress Relief line. To have a backup of this body wash really pleases me.

What about you? Tell me in the comments section, do you ever buy backups of beauty/skincare products?


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