Wet N Wild Nude Awakening Palette

Wet n Wild Coloricon Nude Awakening Palette Review

I love a good, neutral eyeshadow palette. Who doesn’t? Today we will review the Wet n Wild Coloricon 10 eyeshadow palette in Nude Awakening. Oh, the thrill of finding a bargain, and if it works well, then it's a total win win situation. When this palette first came out, I was not tempted to buy it, as I thought I had many other neutral palettes. But as they say you can never have too many neutral shades of makeup. So on one trip to Target I gave in and picked it up.

Wet N Wild Nude Awakening Palette

As a brand, I think, Wet n Wild has really stepped up their game in the past few years. The Target website says “Make your eyes pop with eyeshadow from this Wet n Wild Color Icon 10-Pan Eyeshadow Palette. This eye-makeup palette comes complete with 10 different shades of eyeshadow, letting you create a variety of looks.

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Use the softer hues to create a natural, everyday look, and choose the richer ones for a more dramatic look that takes you from day to night. The pressed powder eyeshadow is easy to apply and blend, and it defines your eyes for a picture-perfect finish.

Close-up of the palette

Wet n wild starts as everyone’s first and remains a lifelong destination for vibrant and accessible beauty. Delivering over 40 years of trend-forward and all-inclusive innovations, we are your trusted beauty expert that will keep you looking fabulous without ever betraying your budget. From the bold ‘n’ bright to the neutral ‘n’ nuanced, we set out to spoil you with options while setting the gold standard of achievability. So go ahead, get your feet wet with us again and go wild with your imagination!”

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Wet n Wild Coloricon Nude Awakening Palette come packaged in a plastic container. The name and number of the shade appear on the front transparent lid, in addition to a sticker stating that the product is cruelty free. The back of the container has instruction on how to create one day look and one night time look.


Wet n Wild Coloricon Nude Awakening palette has 2 transition shades. The first is a deep charcoal brown that is great for adding depth and dimension to your look. It's a good shade to use in the outer v of your eye. It is on the dryer side and I found it a bit harder to blend than the other transition shade provided in the palette.

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The second transition shade is a mid tone brown, a great neutral to have in your collection. It is really smooth and creamy and blends like a dream.

Shades and application tips

Now for the top row of shades from left to right. The first one is Rose pink metallic shade. This shadow is creamy and absolutely beautiful. Next is a Champagne colored shimmer shade. It's on the sheer side and I found this shade difficult to work with. This particular shade has a bit of fallout. It almost feels gritty.

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Next up is a pale beige. I love this shade.It is very, very pretty for a subtle effect. Applies beautifully. The last shade in the top row is a cream matte. This shade works well as a base and as a highlight just under my brow bone. It brightens up my brow bone area.

The bottom row from left to right contains deeper shades to intensify your eye look. First up is a Charcoal Black matte shade. I add it to the outer v of my eye to add some dimension. Sometimes, I also use it as an eyeliner. It’s a soft matte shade that blends easily. Next is a Plum Brown shade that has a great color payoff and can be worn in the evenings.

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Next we have a Matte Plum Brown. This shade is on the drier side. I found it difficult to blend. Last but not least is a Rose Gold metallic shade as well as my most favorite shade from this palette. It’s a stunning shade with a smooth, creamy texture. A perfect shade!


I always tap off excess eyeshadow from my brush before applying it to my eyes, which minimizes the fallout from eyeshadows.

My Experience

Wet n Wild Coloricon Nude Awakening Palette is a good beginners palette. If you want to add some basic neutral shades to your collection and don’t want to break the bank doing it, this palette is for you. What really attracted me to this palette is that it looked like a total everyday wearable, office friendly type of a palette.

Many people across different skin tones will get a lot of use out of it. You can put together a look that is wearable during the day, then darken it up for an evening look, to add some drama.

Swatches indoors and outdoors
  • Affordable
  • Great starter neutral palette
  • Fallout from some shades 
  • Difficulty blending some shades
Where to buy

Wet and Wild products can be found at Ulta and Amazon

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