Tom Ford Private Blend Fragrance Set

Tom Ford Private Blend Fragrance Discovery Set

Don't you love it when brands come out with sets? It's such a fabulous way to try out multiple products from the brand. And usually the multiple products included in sets are not full sized so I can easily finish them and try out something new. So exciting! That's why when this Tom Ford Private Blend Fragrance Discovery Set came out, I grabbed it.

Fragrances Included In The Tom Ford Private Blend Discovery Set

  • White Suede
  • Neroli Portofino
  • Oud Wood
  • Tuscan Leather
  • Rose Prick
  • Fabulous
Tom Ford Private Blend Fragrance Discovery Set
Tom Ford Private Blend Fragrance Discovery Set

Fragrance Notes

White Suede

A warm and spicy scent with notes of suede saffron and musk. It is a musky, powdery, sweet scent with leather, velvety rose and warm amber notes. This is a very addictive fragrance. I can smell it all day when I spray it on my neck. This is not a loud, in your face kind of fragrance. But a soft, sensual scent. I am thinking of getting a full sized bottle of this.

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Neroli Portofino

A fresh, citrusy and fruity scent with notes of Tunisian neroli, Italian bergamot and Scilian lemon. This scent is perfect for summer. It is a fresh, clean, citrusy scent. It does not last very long on me. And for that price point I want my perfume to last.

Tom Ford Private Blend Fragrance Discovery Set
Neroli Portofino

Oud Wood

This is an earthy and woody scent with notes of rare oud wood, sandalwood and Chinese pepper. This was a pleasant surprise. I love unisex perfumes and for some reason I felt that this would not appeal to me. But I was so wrong. I am not too familiar with oud. The dry down of Oud Wood is beautiful. It lasts for a fairly long time too. Sprayed on clothes this lasts for a while but on my skin it lasts for about 8 hours. It starts out very strong and then fades beautifully. I find this to be very unique and sophisticated.

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Tuscan Leather

Tuscan Leather is a warm and spicy scent with notes of tuberose absolute India Orpur, szechuan peppercorn, suede accord. I enjoy wearing this fragrance. At first it smells very strongly of smoke and leather and then dries down to a nice woody fragrance. The longevity is amazing too. If you like strong leather notes, give this a shot.

Rose Prick

This is a floral eau de parfum with notes of rose de mai, Bulgarian rose, Sichuan pepper. Rose Prick is contained in a matte, opaque, rose-pink bottle. This is a spicy rose perfume. This could be an everyday scent or a spring scent. I use it sparingly, otherwise it becomes overpowering. This lasts for about 6 to 8 hours on me. It's not as strong as Oud Wood or Tuscan Leather which last much longer.

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A warm and spicy scent with notes of leather, tonka bean and sage. A perfect fragrance for a casual day. I can smell the sage and that gives it an earthy feel. Also the vanilla notes are gorgeous. I enjoy vanilla notes. Fabulous stays on me for a really long time. I can smell it on me the next day too.

Tom Ford Private Blend Fragrance Discovery Set
White Suede and Fabulous Private Blend Fragrances

My Experience

Overall I think this is a really good set to try out some of Tom Ford Private Blend Fragrances. The Private Blend fragrances are definitely a splurge so it's a nice way to actually sample the product before you decide to spend your hard earned cash. I was surprised by a few scents included here. After reading the notes, I knew I would be more inclined towards a few.

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Have you tried any of these fragrances? Leave me a comment.

Where To Buy

Tom Ford Private Blend Fragrance Discovery Set retails for $120. Buy it at Nordstrom.

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This is a perfect gift for yourself or as a gift for friends and family. Split it up and it makes such cute stocking stuffers. Have you started your Holiday shopping yet? Have a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by.