Estee Lauder Micro Essence

Estee Lauder Micro Essence Review

In my youth, I always associated getting older with being in your 40s or 50s. Age is just a number. But not to your skin apparently. I remember, I was shocked when I first came to know that you actually start showing signs of aging at around 25, even earlier depending on your lifestyle. So we need to give some extra love and care to our skin. That is where today’s Estee Lauder Micro Essence review comes in. 

I had tried the Estee Lauder Micro Essence as a sample and it worked well for me and I was on the lookout for a product that would help my skin absorb the multiple products that I use as a part of my skincare regimen better. After trying the sample and lots of research, I was convinced that I should make this purchase. Frankly, I am glad I tried the Estee Lauder Micro Essence.

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According to the Sephora Website it is “a concentrated lotion that helps hydrate and stabilize skin’s foundation.” Formulated for Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily skin types. It’s also dermatologist and ophthalmologist-tested and non-acnegenic. 

What Else You Need to Know: “Micro and mighty, this groundbreaking essence-in-lotion strengthens skin’s foundation to reveal its youthful, angelic glow. Skincare Concerns it addresses are pores, dryness, and dullness and uneven texture.”

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Estee Lauder Micro Essence
Estee Lauder Micro Essence

First and foremost, the product comes in a gorgeous frosted translucent glass bottle with a gold cap. The bottle looks very classy and luxurious. Estee Lauder Micro Essence has to be poured out carefully, it does not have a pump or a spray mechanism to dispense the product.


The Estee Lauder Micro Essence has a watery consistency and a mild scent that doesn’t linger. It has an almost silky-watery texture that is somewhere between a toner and a serum. This is more viscous than water but not by very much. Still it is not as thick as oil. So I would say the consistency is somewhere in between water and oil. It is not oily, definitely.

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My Experience 

While doing my search before committing to purchase Estee Lauder Micro Essence I came to know that many people were comparing it to SK-II Facial treatment  essence. I recommend this product to anyone struggling with dryness, as a first step of their  skin care routine. My skin is plumper, smoother and more hydrated. It can feel a little sticky when you first apply it , however it gets absorbed really fast and then I do not feel any residue at all. 

For application, I do not use a cotton pad to apply the product as I think that would waste this precious liquid. I take 6 drops in the palm of my hand and apply to my face and neck right after cleansing. I cannot compare Estee Lauder Micro Essence to anything else because I have not tried any other other watery essence. This has become a staple in my nightly routine and I wake up with well rested, plumper, smoother skin because it almost feels like this essence helps my creams/moisturizers absorb much better.

Estee Lauder Micro Essence
  • Hydrates skin quickly and effectively
  • Absorbs quickly into skin
  • Helps with absorption of other products
  • Pricey
  • You may accidentally pour out more product if not careful

If you have dry skin or just are looking for something to help with absorption of your products better, I recommend this essence.

Where to buy

You can buy Estee Lauder Micro Essence at Sephora and Nordstrom. The 5oz bottle retails for $110 and the 2.5oz bottle retails for $65.

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