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Do You Love Red Lipsticks?

They say, you can never have too many lipsticks. I think that is true, especially for a lipstick lover like me. I love nude lipsticks. And I have an insane amount of nude lipsticks. But today's question is do you love red lipsticks? I took out some red lipsticks from my stash and was actually surprised by the amount of red lipsticks I own.

And I forgot to add some others to this list.

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Do you love red lipsticks?

I guess I do, but I love nude lipsticks a tad bit more. Red lipsticks take your look up a notch and you can keep the rest of your makeup simple. The lipstick is the star of the entire look. Red lips, black eyeliner and mascara, always a classic look.

How do you choose the perfect red lipstick? Is there even such a thing as a perfect red lipstick?

Knowing your undertone might help you. I have warm undertones and orangish reds look good on my medium, warm skin tone. But I also like blue reds, purplish reds, pink reds. So now I really believe you can rock any red, after believing for years that blue reds would not look good on me. I do not follow the makeup rules. But you might be more comfortable sticking to these rules if you are a beginner. People with warm undertones look good in orangish reds. If you have pink undertones, pink reds, blue reds will suit you better.

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How do you store lipsticks?

I store my lipsticks in a cool dry place. Did you know you can also store your lipsticks in the fridge.

Can you use your red lipstick as a blush?

Yes you can. I have done it on multiple occasions and have loved the result. What's better than a multi purpose product? And better to get more use out of each product. I have finished nude lipsticks, but never a red one. By using it as a blush I'm getting more bang for my buck.

What do you do if you don't like a certain red on you?

I remember when I was not comfortable with red lipstick, I would blot the lipstick, to make it a stain. Sometimes I would blot the shade and apply gloss on top.

Which is your favorite red lipstick? I have so many, hard to name just one. A few shades come to mind, MAC Ruby Woo, MAC Russian Red, Tom Ford Night Porter, NARS Air Matte Lipstick Total Domination. I have swatched and reviewed a few of these lipsticks here.

Have a nice day friend! Thank you for reading and remember you can rock any shade you want to!

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