Natasha Denona Mini Biba Palette

Natasha Denona Mini Biba Eyeshadow Palette Review

How beautiful do colorful eyeshadow palettes look? I love huge eyeshadow palettes with so many eyeshadow options to pick from. But in reality these beautiful huge eyeshadow palettes overwhelm me at times. So I mostly reach for quads, minis or 5 pan eyeshadow palettes. When I heard Natasha Denona was coming out with a Mini Biba Eyeshadow Palette I had to have it. Firstly it's a mini. And secondly it's a pinkish, coralish neutral.

Packaging Of The Natasha Denona Mini Biba Eyeshadow Palette

The Natasha Denona Mini Biba Eyeshadow Palette has a similar packaging to her other mini palettes. It is a 5 pan plastic palette with a transparent mirrorless lid. In addition the name of the brand is written on top of the lid. Also it is extremely lightweight and there is no wasted space. Find it at Sephora.

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Natasha Denona Mini Biba Palette
Natasha Denona Mini Biba Palette

Formula Of The Natasha Denona Mini Biba Eyeshadow Palette

This palette is inspired by Natasha's bestselling Biba Eyeshadow Palette. It features five new nude, brown and coral shades. According to the Sephora Website this palette is ” Made with Natasha’s groundbreaking formulas, the matte shades are rich in emollients for seamless blending and layering while the center metallic shade contains luminous crushed crystals and pearls. All five shades provide maximum color payoff with minimal effort to achieve unique, ultra-pigmented, long-lasting looks. Its compact size is perfect for traveling while the user-friendly layout allows you to complete a whole look on the go.” These eyeshadows are cruelty-free.

Shades Included In The Natasha Denona Mini Biba Eyeshadow Palette

  • Bruno (deep mahogany brown)
  • Izzy (nude dusty rose)
  • Blaze Nude (light rosy nude)
  • Plush (light-medium dusty coral)
  • Wink (medium dusty coral brown)
Natasha Denona Mini Biba Palette
Another look at the Mini Biba Palette

My Experience

I love all my Natasha Denona mini eyeshadow palettes. In terms of formula, the Mini Biba Palette is at par with her other mini palettes. I know I'll get a lot of use out of these type of shades. Have we seen similar colors before? Yes we have! But these are the type of colors I reach for mostly. So it made sense for me to buy this palette.

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These colors swatch smoothly. They can be built up. The metallic shade Blaze Nude is stunning. I use the lighter nudes for a simple subtle look and the deeper browns are perfect to intensify any look. Plus just add Blaze Nude the metallic shade to instantly add some glam to your look.

Also I want to add that the Mini Biba Palette does remind me of the recently released Glam Face Palettes. But the Mini Biba has more coral tones.

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Natasha Denona Mini Biba Palette
Mini Biba Palette Swatches


  • 5 new shades, so there is no overlap with existing palette shades
  • Buttery smooth shades that blend well and can be built up
  • Compact and you get to try Natasha Denona eyeshadows for a cheaper price than her full sized palette


  • Color story is not unique

Where To Buy

Natasha Denona Mini Biba Palette retails for $25. Find it at Sephora.

Will you be buying this eyeshadow palette? Or is it a pass for you? Have a wonderful day! And thank you for reading.

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