Hello, beautiful people! Welcome to my blog. I am just a regular mom of two, a daughter and a son, who loves makeup and beauty products. On my blog, I am planning on reviewing department store and drugstore beauty, and skincare products with a dash of food and recipe posts.

I got into makeup after my daughter was born. To be precise, 12 years ago. To me, the experience felt like a kid in a candy store. I looked at everything with wonder. The textures, the colors, the shimmer, the glitter – everything fascinated me. I wanted to share this knowledge and wonder with everyone, tell people what works for me and what does not. I want my experiences to benefit beauty lovers everywhere.

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Blogging was always at the back of my mind. Being a busy mom with two kids, and working with special ed kids as a paraprofessional, writing a blog always got put onto the back burner. The pandemic has given me time to reflect and I thought this is something I always wanted to do, so why not?

I am planning to post every week. I picked the name BlushNBasil for my blog because I think the name correctly captures the essence of my blog as I plan on sharing ideas about beauty, food, everyday life, etc.

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Having too much on my plate most of the time, my hands are full. But, I love to look as if I spent some time putting myself together. So, come to BlushNBasil for quick looks, reviews and yummy treats!

I would love to hear from everyone in the comments section. Looking forward to this journey with similar minded beauty enthusiasts! I hope you find some great makeup and recipes here.

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Manisha Pradhan