Shopping My Stash

#ShoppingMyStash Is The Best Way For Saving Some Cash

What is #shopmystash exactly? The makeup industry keeps churning out products at breakneck speeds. I think we all can agree that it is a very fast moving industry. Unless you have an unlimited amount of cash flow, it is very difficult to buy all these beautiful, tempting items. And if you have been collecting makeup for a while, you will have dupes of items you might be lusting after. We run after the next best thing and forget that we already have things in our collection that we love. That's when we shop our stash. Also #ShoppingMyStash Is The Best …

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How to make eyeshadows pop

How To Make Eyeshadow Pop

Sometimes you buy an eyeshadow, because it looks great in the pan. That teal or the amazing duo chrome eyeshadow you picked, somehow does not look the same on your eyelids. And that is so disappointing. But fear not, I know a tip to make eyeshadow pop.

This happens for multiple reasons. Maybe the eyeshadow is not pigmented enough. Or maybe you need a primer. In most cases though using a base will help the eyeshadow color to pop.

Things you will need

  • Your favorite eyeshadow, preferably a vibrant one that needs more pop on your eyelids
  • A white eyeliner
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