Rouge Dior Ultra Care Liquid Lipstick

Rouge Dior Ultra Care Liquid Lipstick Review

In the late 1940s an organic chemist Hazel Bishop, created the first long lasting lipstick. Moisturizing, Matte, Velvet, Satin, Long lasting the choice is endless. Where do the Rouge Dior Ultra Care Lipsticks fall? Are they matte, long lasting? Let’s find out.

I have two shades for you today, 569 Fantasy and 750 Blossom.

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Rouge Dior Ultra Care Liquid Lipstick
Rouge Dior Ultra Care Liquid Lipstick
What Sephora Has To Say

It is “A liquid lipstick infused with flower oil for an ultra-weightless, ultra-care, and up to 12-hour wear with moisturizing comfort. Rouge Dior Ultra Care Liquid delivers high-color impact and weightless wear for up to 12 hours with no tight or dry sensation. It’s available in an array of ultra-luminous and natural colors, inspired by the flowers of Dior. It comes in two finishes: matte and satin.”

Rouge Dior Ultra Care Liquid Lipstick

The packaging of Rouge Dior Ultra Care Lipstick is just gorgeous. The tube is frosted and looks so elegant. At the top of the cap is the signature Dior CD logo. Also, at the top of the tube is a quilted silver band.
When you take the lid off, you will find a pointed, precise applicator that has a petal shape. Some of the product sits in the petal shaped applicator and you get the right amount of product every time.

Rouge Dior Ultra Care Liquid Lipstick
Petal shaped applicator that holds the product

The formula is mousse like and very lightweight. Rouge Dior Ultra Care Liquid Lipstick has Camelina Oil for hydration. Almond Oil that soothes and Shea Butter which moisturizes. Unlike many other liquid lipsticks on the market today, this liquid lipstick takes time to dry/set.

Rouge Dior Ultra Care Liquid Lipstick
Swatches of 750 Blossom on top and 569 Fantasy below
My Experience

569 Fantasy is a bright spring color from the matte range. The Matte lipsticks have a soft focus diffusing effect. 750 Blossom is pink satin shade. Both these shades glide on effortlessly and dry slowly without any streaking. They dry down to a velvet finish. The shades last about 4 to 5 hours on me after which they start fading. I would not call them transfer resistant, as they do transfer on the cups/glasses. However, I guess this is because they do not set fully. Still they wear beautifully, and are so comfortable that you forget you have lipstick on. I prefer this formula over other matte lipsticks that set and make my lips look like raisins overtime.
Apply lightly to just tint your lips, or apply more for a bolder look. They are not heavy on the lips at all, in fact they seem weightless.

Rouge Dior Ultra Care Liquid Lipstick
Wearing 569 Fantasy in first picture and 750 Blossom in the second

I am still figuring out how to take my pics. I am alright with product pictures, but lip swatches, eye makeup swatches and face pictures are still a hit or miss. In the above pics, my lips are not in the best condition, but that cannot be seen while wearing the Rouge Dior Ultra Care Liquid Lipsticks.


Rouge Dior Ultra Care Liquid Lipstick has a floral fragrance that fades once applied.

  • Very comfortable on the lips, not drying at all
  • Moisturizing and does not make my lips peel afterwards (gross I know)
  • Beautiful packaging with a secure lid, that won’t open in your makeup bag.
  • It is not transfer resistant
  • Some beauties might be bothered by the fragrance
Where to buy

Rouge Dior Ultra Care Liquid Lipstick retails for $38 and can be bought at Sephora, Nordstrom and Dior.

I would love to get more shades from this range. Do you think you might try something from Dior Ultra Care line? Have you tried these already? Let me know in the comments.

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